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(Founder and CEO)

Mr. Girish Khera : A Creative Stellar

Creativity being his middle name, Girish is passionate about creative designing &

innovation  and revolutionized the design framework at Animeria. 10 years of

leading the technical department, he is a Master of Computer Applications and

also served as Creative Designer for IFFCO. “Animeria is a dream come true for me,

and is very close to my heart for various reasons. I am a learner and

always looking for ways to keep myself updated with latest industry news/

trends. One thing often comes to notice is that digital world in India is fastest

growing but most underserved at the same time. There is shortage of

talent they say! Shortage of talent in a country of 1.2 Billion? I don’t believe it-

something is not right. Well, then we conducted our own survey and found

very few courses actually prepare individuals for working in a creative

companies.People lack the basic professional skills and real knowledge

required to succeed in their jobs. It has always been my dream to share my

knowledge, skills and experience with next generation and there it is!

Demand meets supply- I will supply my wealth of expertise to students,

demand to be groomed for the industry. Creativity lies within every

individual, just needs to be unleashed with careful grooming.”


(Founder and CEO)

Ms. Vaishali Rajput : A Mastermind Ideation

A core Founder of Animeria. She is a Thinker. Leading the 

business development of Animeria and its sub-divisions,

she often comes up with the cutting edge marketing

solutions and new business ideas.

An MBA from ICFAI University and a Software Engineer

from NIIT, She worked with Top Brands as a Business

Development Manager and a Center Head at NIIT Ltd, Aptech Ltd.

I firmly believe- if you think big, only then you will make it

big. We imagined creating a best- in- class web technology

company and we created one with sheer determination and

perseverance, we wanted to carve a place on global

platform for Animeria and we did it with now offices

in Australia, US and UAE more.Thus when we saw low

quality of

education being imparted in our institutions,

decided to take a step in this direction. Throughout

our journey at Animeria from its inception

to first few projects to international expansion,

we faced lot of challenges– at times we tripped

, sometimes we fell head on, but then stood again

and started walking with our firm resolve to make it

big in this growing industry. We always felt that

some of the things we learned the hard way could

have been taught in classroom. But why fret over

past, be the change you want to see in the world

so what I offer is my experience in the industry,

skills and expertise while I ask for your willingness

to learn and dedication to deliver. Together

we can transform your future and subsequently

the future of this growing industry in India.”


animeria design solution team

Ms. Ruchi Singh

Client Relationship Manager

animeria design solution team

Ms. Kavita Maliyan

Human Resourse manager

animeia design solution team

Ms. Ritu Sharma

Senior Creative Designer

animeia design solution team

Mr. Ashwani

Team Leader


animeia design solution team

Mr. Ankur Madhyan

PHP Developer

animeia design solution team

Mr. Neeraj Singh

Google Adword

animeia design solution team

Mr. Suraj Kumar

UI Deigner

animeia design solution team

Mr. Vaishal Saini

App Developer

animeia design solution team

MS. Sandhya Tanwar

IOS Developer

animeia design solution team

Mr. Jai Singh

Marketing Executive

animeia design solution team

MS. Ujjwal Madyan

SEO Executive

animeia design solution team

Mr. Deepak Kumar

Social Media Marketeer

animeia design solution team

Mr. Himanshu

Graphic Designer

animeia design solution team

Mr. Sandeep Madyan

SEO Manager

Animeria Intern Team

animeia design solution team

Ms. Rishika Nehra

Graphic Designer

animeria design solution team

Mr. Raghubir

Web Developer

Ms. Mini Prabhakar

Graphic Designer